In the hottest months of the year, your air conditioner keeps you and your family from wilting in the heat. Like most mechanical systems, AC units do need occasional repair and replacement, so here are some signs to look for regarding your own AC.

Increased Utility Bills

Some increase in utility cost is expected when the weather turns too warm for comfort, but a sudden increase could be a warning sign. A higher bill when the weather doesn't call for it is an even bigger warning.

A Noisy System

If your AC wakes you up when it rattles to life or makes it hard to hear the television, then something's wrong. Loose or disconnected parts will make your AC less efficient meaning your energy costs could increase.

No Relief From the Heat

Have you noticed that your AC is running, but your home temperature is still steadily rising? This is a clear sign that your AC needs repair. Check your filters and make an inspection appointment.

Keeping your air conditioner in good repair goes a long way toward keeping you and your family comfortable when the temperature rises. If you've noticed any of these three signs, then it's time to call in a repairman. Contact Holstead’s Inc. in Ruston at (318) 353-8808  for 24-hour AC repair.

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