Do you know how the air in your home is affecting you? Perhaps you think it isn’t at all, but in truth, indoor air quality has a lot to do with your overall health and comfort. If you don’t yet have an indoor air quality control system, consider the benefits.

Normal Wear

All electrical devices wear down over time. Heaters need routine maintenance performed so that they continue operating effectively.

No Heat Emitting

If a heater cannot do what it is meant to do, then you have a problem on your hands. It is probably an issue with the pilot light.

Constant Cycling

A heater should not turn “On” and “Off” on its own. If it is doing that, then you need to get the thermostat checked out.

Dirty Filter

Switch out your heater’s air filter once every three months. This ensures you always have great indoor air quality.

Loud Noises

Apart from the warm air, there should be no other indications the heater is running. If you suddenly hear creaking noises coming from the furnace, then the inside needs to be checked out.

Even one of these symptoms is a good enough reason to hire an HVAC professional to visit your home and inspect your heater. To learn about all the heater services you can acquire, contact Holstead’s Inc. in Ruston at (318) 353-8808.