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Dependable AC Equipment in Ruston

Have you been suffering through the Louisiana heat without an effective AC unit in your home or business? The team at Holstead's Air Conditioning and Heating can provide expert service and advice for your system design or unit replacement. It might be time to consider upgrading your AC unit if any of the following apply:
  • Repair cost: Sometimes a quick fix will do the trick, but when the repair cost could be as much as half the price of a new unit, it’s time to replace.
  • Expiring warranty: You should check the warranty terms before consenting to a repair, as many repairs could fall under the warranty. However, if your warranty is expired, it could be more cost-effective to replace your unit.
  • Age of equipment: Generally, if your equipment is more than 8-10 years old, it’s time to replace your unit.
Contact Holstead's Air Conditioning and Heating in Ruston, Louisiana, for a free estimate on your new cooling system at 800-259-1247. We’ll be happy to inspect your old unit and help you decide if repairing or replacing is the best option for you.
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